Concrete durability aspects

  • Causes and mechanisms of deterioration
  • Concrete transport mechanisms
  • Life-cycle assessments and service life design
  • Management and maintenance of concrete structures
  • Durability modeling and prediction
  • Optimizing materials for improved durability

Condition assessment of concrete structures

  • Damage modeling and damage mechanisms
  • Condition assessment and damage diagnosis
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Analytical modeling

Modern materials technology

  • Multifunctional materials and systems for durable construction and repair
  • New or novel materials for repair (ECC, SCC, SHCC, UHPC)
  • Self-repairing materials and structures

Concrete repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting

  • Repair philosophies
  • Repair modeling
  • Repair methods, materials and systems
  • Concrete surface protection and coatings
  • Service life extension
  • Contribution of repair to sustainability
  • Repair of repair
  • Structural repairs and strengthening
  • Structural retrofitting for altered service conditions
  • Contractor experience

Performance and health monitoring

  • Damage prognosis and service life predictions
  • Performance of concrete structures
  • Health monitoring of concrete structures
  • Structural management systems
  • Smart structures and sensing technologies

Education and standardization

  • Educational materials for concrete repair courses
  • Specifications and standards for concrete repair
  • Current and future research needs